Kach and Kahani Chai are Jewish supremacist organizations and are considered terrorist by the FBI. Their members are the followers of US born rabbi, Meir Kahane. Their network of supporters are spread all over the US and Canada. These groups are active especially among the militant American settlers in the West Bank of occupied Palestine. Baruch Goldstein, a Brooklyn born physician, carried out “the Cave of the Patriarchs Massacre” which was a mass murder of Palestinians during the predawn prayers in the Ibrahimi mosque in Al-Khaleel /Hebron. He served as a physician in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). These groups want to ethnically cleanse the Palestinians Muslims and Christians from Palestine and Israel. Yigal Amir who assassinated Israeli Primeminister for signing a peace deal with the Arabs after claiming that “Din Rodef” (Jewish religious law of informer punishable by capital punishment) was a supporter of West Bank settler movement.