Ma Ba Tha

Ma Ba Tha is a Buddhist ultra nationalist and religious supremacist movement of Burma (Myanmar) led by the Buddhist monks. It is implicated in the genocide of the Rohingya Muslims. This is the longest running genocide which was initially started by ultra nationalist military government in the 1950s as ethnic cleansing. The ultranationalist government started ethnic cleansing of the dark skin Bengali speaking Rohingya Muslims who were indigenous to the Arakan/Rakhine region. The ethnic cleansing went on in spurts killing hundred of thousands of Muslims and displacing hundred of thousands more.
After decades of propaganda and hate, the religious supremacists joined hands with the ultra-nationalists creating the Ma Ba Tha movement which is behind the current wave of the genocide which started around 2012 and is ongoing. Many supporters of this movement have migrated from Burma to the United States which was evident by the public support shown to it in many cities in the US and Canada.

Ma Ba Tha is also involved in the ethnic cleansing the Christians in Burma. When Suu Kyi, the current president of Burma, toured the USA, they were met by protests rallies organized by the Burma Task Force against the Rohingya genocide. These protests were met by small counter protests led by the Buddhist monks in support of the genocide, proving the existence of Buddhists with a pro-genocide agenda within the US.

Now that the US government has applied sanctions on the Burmese military, there is the danger that the Ma Ba Tha may retaliate. Ma Ba Tha also has extensive relationship with the Hindu supremacist RSS, the world’s largest militant organization which is well entrenched in the US and with the Sri Lankan Buddhist supremacists as well

Bodu Bala Sena

Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) or Buddhist Power Force is a Sri Lankan Buddhist supremacist organization involved in the persecution of Muslims and Christians of Sri Lanka. They wish to make Sri Lanka a Buddhist state where a Hindu minority may live as second-class citizens, but no Muslims or Christians would be allowed.
They have extensive relations with the Hindu supremacist RSS and Buddhist supremist Ma Ba Tha. Supporter of this movement are found among the Sri Lankan diaspora in Canada, Western Europe, New Zealand, and the US.
—The US law enforcement and intelligent agencies DO NOT keep a close eye on these Buddhist terrorist groups and must be asked to investigate them